Slow Living

Here you will find content centred around my passion for living a slow lifestyle.

What does "slow living" mean exactly?

Today's world is hustling and bustling and can feel overwhelming. Society is centred around convenience and consumption. Something broken? Don't fix it, just buy a new one.

Slow living is a relatively new concept that stems from old roots.  It is about living life in a way that brings a sense of peace and fulfillment. Taking time to make things from scratch, by hand, at home. Taking time to mend, fix, reuse and repurpose things. Sometimes doing things the old fashioned way is the best way. Even if it takes a little longer, or a little more labour, there is a lot more love.

Follow along with me for ways that you can incorporate more slow living into your daily life.

"In huried pursuit of a slower way of life." - Shelby