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Welcome to
the laine & simple fibre arts boutique!

A small business supporting other small businesses, Laine & Simple is an independent online shop of exclusively Canadian products.

This little boutique serves as a one-stop-shop for fibre artists who love knitting, crocheting, spinning, weaving, felting and all of those crafty things.

Plain and simple.




The name Laine & Simple encompasses many heart-felt meanings. Laine is my middle name. Coincidentally, "Laine" is a familiar term in the fibre art industry, meaning "wool" in French. My business name proudly includes Canada's official languages; English & French.


I have always enjoyed the simple things in life. My creations are all made by hand, carefully and intentionally, which is the most beautiful.


My brand not only represents my products, but who I am as a person. Working with my hands at my own pace makes me unwaveringly happy.

Simple as that.


Recycled Paper



  • Creating slow-fashion clothing items by hand, helping people to avoid the fast-fashion industry and environmental harm that lie at the heart of consumerism.

  • Seeking out eco-conscious alternatives such as reclaiming materials from previously-loved thrifted items.

  • Reusing shipping materials whenever possible to minimize waste.

  • Selling fibre art supplies exclusively from Canadian businesses only, which supports a circular economy and offers consumers close-to-home options, resulting in a positive environmental impact.


  • To make the permanent switch from synthetic fibres to all-natural ones, with the exception of synthetic fibres being used only when yarn has been reclaimed from thrifted items.

  • To exclusively use only natural fibres to craft Laine & Simple handmade products (bye-bye synthetics!).

  • To partner with other local businesses and farmers to offer the most wholesome products as possible. 

  • To participate in meaningful causes supporting animal and environmental stewardship.



Elora, Ontario, Canada

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